Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

It is interesting the kind of information that is available now that the internet is around. You can find out just about anything. I have recently picked up a copy of the R. B. Thieme, biography entitled "Robert B. Thieme, Jr. His Ancestry, His life" by C. G. Hunt. It was an easy and short read that just kind of dumps out some facts based on the research that Hunt did via public record archive research, etc.

One of many interesting things that were documented was the fact that prior to seminary R. B. Thieme Jr., had only taken two introductory courses in the Greek language. The school that Thieme attended only offered two Greek language courses, everything else regarding Greek literature was taught in English. The biography mentions that at the same time period, schools like Stanford offered 30+ courses in Greek, for literature majors with a concentration in Greek.

WOW, that is interesting information. The book is available from Amazon, here and it contains a lot of additional, documented information regarding the facts of Thieme's, personal life and training that he revealed about himself.