Wednesday, August 29, 2007

R. B. Thieme quotes regarding Roe v. Wade & abortion in general

"This is one of the wisest and most brilliant decisions that the Supreme Court has made in many, many, many years." R. B. Thieme

"Abortion is a decision between a patient and her doctor."

"A pastor has no right to impose his volition on others — that's tyranny from the pulpit... [People must] carefully consider what is taught in the pulpit so they can make their own decision before the Lord... I can't advise whether to abort - [that is] an intrusion of privacy and the freedom of another person."

"There is no life in the womb, that is arrogance!"

These are phrases that I heard many times. The quotes are taken from the dissertation: Neshamah: Is There Life In The Womb: A Critical Analysis Of The Teaching Of R.B. Thieme On The Origin Of Life.. Todd Campo

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